Rio Tinto Yarwun 2 Project (April to June 2012)

  • Location: Gladstone, QLD
  • Principal Contractor: Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd
PROJEM’S SCOPE – 2 Supervisors for 6 Weeks
Assist Bechtel with the commissioning of 8 x area 330 filters as part of RTA Yarwun 2 project. Asses defects on filters and rectify as required. Design and manufacture new bolts and conical washers to apply even load on warped flanges. Install and test various seal designs on lids by hydrostatic testing. Provide detailed procedure and pricing to machine Dia. 4500mm flanges to rectify defects:
  • Use of large torque equipment to break over-tightened lid bolts.
  • Use of Mag base drill to bore clearance on bolt holes in lid.
  • Design and manufacture new bolts and conical washers.
  • Use of correct guns to torque bolts and torque to correct load.
  • Hydrostatic testing of pressure vessel


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