Rio Tinto Yarwun 2 Project – Area 210 Disc Filters (December 2011 – March 2012)

Rio Tinto Yarwun 2 project filter
  • Location: Gladstone, QLD
  • Principal Contractor: Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd
PROJEM’S SCOPE – 2 Supervisors, 16 Technicians for 4 Months
Area 210 disc filter sectors installed as part of RTA Yarwun 2 project were found to be oversize by 0.03mm on the journals that had to fit into the outlet bore (BSI) Our task was to develop a procedure for repairs and custom build machines to complete work on and off site. Total number of filter sectors 6,660:
  • Manufacture test gauges to check tolerances.
  • Design and manufacture chamfer tool using pneumatic die grinder.
  • Design and manufacture of a machine to linish each of 6,660 filter sectors.
  • Asses and repair alignment issues with control heads, gearboxes and bearings.


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