Projem is committed to ensuring set practices are in place to promote and maintain an employee’s ability to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

Emphasis is placed on the amount of rest periods between work shifts, the duration of work shifts and overall fitness of employees. In particular, the use of alcohol or prescribed and non-prescribed medication or drugs that could impact their ability to work safely.

Before any employee commences employment with Projem, they must pass the relevant medicals and inductions. The Management Team have the authorisation to perform drug and alcohol testing at random, or if there is a cause for concern throughout any operations. Projem will comply with further inductions or testing requested by the client.

Projem regards it as essential that all employees engaged in processes are aware of and comply with this policy, and the related procedures. Projem will continually improve and maintain the ability to meet these obligations and to create an awareness of fitness for work responsibilities amongst employees.

Projem are committed to providing regular training and information on fitness for work, as well as facilitating the rehabilitation of employees in accordance with the relating procedures.

As Directors at Projem, we ask that you follow in our footsteps in supporting this Fitness for Work Policy, achieving this through consultation with and cooperation by all.

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Nathan Peachey
Daniel Crocker