At Projem, we pride ourselves on providing and maintaining a safe workplace for all operations we undertake. This is achieved through informative training and management so that our employees can work without being exposed to hazards wherever possible.

All employees have an overall duty of care to guarantee their own safety at work. As well as having a duty of care towards others to ensure their own actions or inactions do not put anyone at risk. Projem ensure that all hazards are identified on a daily basis, and communicated to all relevant parties.

This duty of care applies to anyone who can be reasonably foreseen as likely to become injured.

In the event an incident does arise, the related work is to be stopped immediately and the incident is to be reported to the Management Team. Work is not to re-commence until approval has been gained from the Management Team.

As a priority, Projem endeavor to ensure that no employee works alone without sufficient processes in place to minimise any potential risk.

As Directors at Projem, we ask that you follow in our footsteps in supporting this Duty of Care Policy, achieving this through consultation with and cooperation by all.

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