GLNG Upstream Project Injune (February to August 2014)

GLNG Upstream project
  • Location: Injune, QLD
  • Principal Contractor: CDJV (Clough Downer Joint Venture)
PROJEM’S SCOPE – 20 Technicians over 7 Months
Supply of equipment and technicians to complete Flange Management and bolting on the GLNG Upstream project. We were involved from well pads to transmission to Gladstone, including PCS‐01, Hub 4 and Hub. All Projem joints were 100% leak free during purge testing:
  • Inspection of flange faces to meet ASME standard.
  • Development of flange management register for QA.
  • Flange facing of damaged faces as required onsite up to 1200mm diameter.
  • Tensioning of joints with studs sizes up to 3.1/2”.
  • Torqueing of joints using pneumatic and hydraulic equipment up to 25,443Nm.
  • Pipe cutting to site fit and repair defect welds up to 1200mm diameter.
  • Coordination of hydro testing.
  • Drilling and tapping blind flanges.
  • Project manage schedule and completions


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